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Extreme® Assembly Adhesives Product Details
Product: EXT-400
MMA Structural Adhesives

EXT-400 is a 4:1 mix ratio, solvent free, methyl methacrylate-based, structural adhesives formulated to bond a broad range of substrates, including: Steel, Aluminum, fiberglass, engineered thermoplastics, thermosets, composites, etc. This material has extremely high durability, environmental resistance and excellent solvent resistance to many common industrial lubricants, water, high humidity, UV energy and weathering. The incredible strength of EXT-400 has been test at over 4900 psi in tensile strength on CRS, while incredibly maintaining elongation at over well over 40%. This material is non-sag, with fast open time of approximately 5 minute and a fixture time of less than 20 minutes. EXT-400 is available either in clear or white. For more information please review our technical data sheet.

  • Color: Straw or White
  • Viscosity: Medium/ Creamy
  • Elongation: > 50 pli
  • Mix Ratio by Volume: 4:1

Packaging: 50ml, 400ml, 5 gallon pail kit

Tech Data »

Open Time (Min.)
Fixture Time (Min.)
Tensile Shear Strength (AL)
Impact Strength (Steel)
Peel Strength (AL)
Service Temperature
Hardness (Shore D)
Best For
5 - 6
15 - 20
4500 psi
> 20 ft/lbs
> 50 pli
-40 F to +225 F
Metals, Composites, Engineering Plastics

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