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Extreme® Assembly Adhesives
Application Tips for MMA Structural Adhesives
  1. Why would I want to use a cartridge instead of buying the material in bulk?
    Cartridges provide “point of application” use of the material so you don’t require capital equipment in multiple locations throughout your plant, allowing you to take the material to where you need it instead of bringing the work to one central location.
  2. I don’t see exactly what I need for my application?
    Extreme adhesive can custom formulate to the exact specifications of your application. If you need to add glass beads for shims, lengthen or shorten work times, change colors, higher impact strength, greater elongation or increased peel strengths, we can help. Please don’t hesitate to contact our technical service staff and review your specific application requirements.
  3. Do temperatures effect cure times during application?
    Yes. In general, colder temperatures will slow down the reaction and often result in longer cure times and warmer temperatures can increase cure speeds and reduce cure / working times. However, once the product is cured MMA are in general extremely temperature resistant typically maintain all of their structural properties from -30F to 250F. Please review the Technical Data Sheets on each material for more specific temperature recommendations / resistance characteristics for that material.
  4. Can storage temperature affect shelf life?
    Yes. All of the Extreme MMA products have a shelf life provided directly on the label. Our recommendation is that material always be stored below 80F and long term exposure at higher temperatures will negatively affect shelf life. Materials can be refrigerated down to 40F but should not be frozen or stored below freezing.
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